16 March 2015

R&D Nester developed a pioneering application to forecast the production of solar energy

R&D Nester, the research and development centre created by REN and the State Grid Corporation of China, has developed an application that can forecast the production of photovoltaic solar energy. This new tool contributes towards a more efficient production of this source of renewable energy. 

As part of the Renewable Energy Dispatch project, the application created by R&D Nester can forecast up to seven days in advance and is adjustable to the individual characteristics of each photovoltaic power station. As a result, it is possible to determine with greater reliability and at a lower cost the real final output of solar energy, which will enhance any increments in terms of generation from renewable sources.

This project, which is being pioneered in Portugal, is now operational in 15 reserve base solar power plants in the centre and south of the country, and which account for around 28% of installed solar power. The aim is to extend these predictions across the country.
Shortly, the system will also incorporate the ambient temperature, which will allow an even more accurate forecast. In the final phase of this project, by October this year, R&D Nester also hopes to include another indicator, the cloud index, which will measure the extent of cloud coverage through the innovative sky camera.

R&D Nester's General Manager, Nuno Souza e Silva, said, 'this is an important contribution to the beginnings of a new development process in the management of photovoltaic production in order to create conditions that may respond to possible increases in solar power generation'.

About R&D Nester:
R&D Nester is a research and development centre established by REN and State Grid Corporation of China to promote and implement R&D projects in the fields of power system simulations, management of renewable energies, smart grid technologies and the energy market and economics. Find out more at www.rdnester.com/ 


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