08 June 2022

REN and Siemens Energy agree on a partnership for the speed-E electric vehicle charging solution

REN - Redes Energéticas Nacionais signed a memorandum of understanding with Siemens Energy for the creation of a technical and commercial partnership for the speed-E project, the innovative mobility solution that enables electric vehicles to be charged directly from the electricity transmission grid, that is, from the Very-High-Voltage lines.

This memorandum of understanding will make Siemens Energy the technical partner of REN in speed-E, and will enable the development of multiple projects in Portugal, and also internationally, by leveraging the German company's global presence. At the signing of the memorandum of understanding were João Conceição, REN's COO, and Bahadir Basdere, Siemens Energy's VP of Bushings, Instrument Transformers and Coils Segment.

Speed-E was developed by REN, and has as its main innovation the offer of an integrated supply solution, from a connection to the Very-High-Voltage network, which will perform the conversion to Low Voltage. Its benefit is the offer of high power, since it is connected to the transmission grid, which is present countrywide, thus enabling extending the charging infrastructure offer to a network of around 9000 km.

The solution's modular architecture also enables customisation, according to the client's power requirements, meeting the needs of the company's operations, without restrictions, by means of multiple fast and/or ultra-fast chargers.

Speed-E is a competitive and complementing alternative to traditional ones, guarantees synergies for the global Electricity System, namely in contexts of proximity to the Portuguese National Electricity Transmission Grid, is suitable for high-power contexts (heavy passenger transport or high number of vehicles at the same time, such as in service areas, large hubs, such as public car parks and public transport, decarbonisation of forest management equipment, and the river sector).

This innovative solution positions REN as a facilitator of the transition to sustainable mobility, by complementing existing solutions and supporting the decarbonisation of the mobility sector in a cost-effective way, using the existing Transmission Grid.


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