29 August 2012

REN issues 200 million euro bond

REN – Redes Energéticas Nacionais – is to proceed with a bond subscription public offering for the retail segment in Portugal.

The amount of the issue for retail subscription will be 200 million euros, in the form of 20O thousand bonds worth a thousand euros each. Subscription orders may be of a minimum or multiples of one bond (one thousand euros).

The redemption date of the 4-year bonds will be 21 September 2016. The annual interest rate is 6.25% (Gross Nominal Annual Rate) and interest will be paid on 21 March and 21 September each year up to the redemption date.

The offering will take place between 8.30am on 3 September and 3pm on 18 September 2012. The results will be calculated at a special session of Euronext Lisbon on 19 September 2012.


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