01 June 2021

REN launches website in an OPEN DATA format gathering the most relevant information on energy in Portugal

REN launched the Data Hub, a platform which aggregates and makes available, in an up-to-date manner, quantitative data on the national energy sector, documenting the transformation of the energy sector on the path to decarbonization of the economy. All the information is in an open data format  and can be shared and used at any time.

With this new format, all interested parties, namely academics, researchers or professionals of the sector will have easy and intuitive access to the most relevant data on energy production and consumption in Portugal. The site also allows access to larger segmentation of data, such as production's breakdown by primary sources and transmission networks' inputs and outputs.

With this platform, REN intends to reinforce information sharing on the national energy sector and to foster the development of energy research and innovation.

You can access the REN DATA HUB website here.



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