10 August 2022

REN Rede Elétrica Nacional and REN Portgás Distribuição recognised as Empresa INOVADORA COTEC 2022” [2022 COTEC INNOVATIVE Company]

REN - REDE ELÉCTRICA NACIONAL and REN PORTGÁS DISTRIBUIÇÃO were conferred the status of INOVADORA COTEC 2022 [2022 COTEC INNOVATIVE] companies, in the second edition of the applications for the annual recognition awarded by COTEC Portugal. Both companies receive recognition for their performance in the investment in innovation, financial robustness, and economic capacity, thus standing out among the more than 800 companies that applied for this honour.

This initiative promotes the INOVADORA COTEC status and stems from a partnership between COTEC Portugal and the financial sector, thus creating a brand that reinforces the reputation and prestige of the companies, enabling them to access more advantageous financing terms with financial institutions.

According to COTEC Portugal, this status mainly seeks to honour Portuguese companies with high performance in Innovation; to promote public recognition of companies that are examples of value creation for Portugal due to their performance in innovation; to create a network of partners that value this distinction, boosting benefits for the innovative companies, and, at the same time, to ensure better financing terms for these recognised companies.

In the second edition, 830 companies applied, and 649 distinctions were granted in accordance with the demanding criteria defined in INOVADORA COTEC's regulations. The certificate of the Status of INOVADORA COTEC 2022 is valid for one year. 


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