31 May 2016

AGIR Award to combat poverty and social exclusion mobilises entries from all over the country

In 2016, the AGIR Award received the highest number of entries since its inception in 2013. REN received 176 entries from all over the country, from companies and non-profit organisations that develop innovative projects to combat poverty and social exclusion, promoting the autonomy and empowerment of the beneficiaries.

The 176 entries come from 16 districts of Portugal. According to Margarida Ferreirinha, REN's Communications and Sustainability Director, 'the number of entries reflects the relevance of this year's chosen theme and also the relevance of the AGIR Award itself. It is very satisfactory to receive entries from all over the country, due, undoubtedly, to the local authorities' commitment to publicise this REN initiative.'

The AGIR Award fits in with REN's policy of community engagement and social innovation. Every year the AGIR Award chooses an area of social intervention and selects three winning projects. The last two editions were dedicated to Active Ageing, in 2015 and Employment Creation, in 2014 .

The three best projects will be chosen by REN in partnership with STONE SOUP, which will track and monitor the use of the funds donated to each of the projects supported and assess the real social impact of REN's support for each project. The winner will be awarded €30,000. Second place receives €15,000 and third place €5,000. The winning projects are announced in September.

For more information, please contact:

Media: Margarida Ferreirinha

media@ren.pt +351 210013905


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