22 April 2016

CEDIARA represents Portugal in congress on active ageing

Project distinguished by REN's AGIR Prize will be Portugal's representative in Cuba

CEDIARA, an institution of Ribeira de Fráguas, Albergaria-a-Velha, will represent Portugal in the prestigious Congresso Hominis 2016, one of the most important international events on the Psychology field, that will take place in May. This invitation, made by the Sociedad Cubana de Psicologia, is a consequence of 'Idade XXL', a CEDIARA active ageing project, based on projects focused on the interaction between generations that was distinguished by REN's AGIR Prize.

The 'Idade XXL is a pilot project that has experienced excellent results on the fields of Intergenerationality and social inclusion by enabling a rich exchange between generations and the change of mentalities regarding the role of the elderly in the community. It is supported on three axis: 'Generations with Life', 'Dreams come True', and 'Wisdom Lords'. It advocates partnerships with several education and prison facilities, institutions that support senior citizens and other social and communitarian entities.

Out of the several initiatives that are the core of the project, one should note the correspondence exchange between the senior citizens and children, citizenship and history lectures by the elderly in schools and prison facilities, community interventions through singing, theatre and animation groups for dependent and isolated users.

The objective of this initiative is to promote active ageing through programs focused on intergenerationality, appreciating the knowledge and wisdom of the elderly throughout a continuous learning and education program that allows them to keep defining life projects. It is an effective response to the challenges of active ageing, bringing together different generations and allowing a mutual knowledge, support and admiration, thereby favoring a balanced society.

According to Susana Henriques, Cediara's Director, this invitation 'validates all the work developed by Cediara towards promoting active aging and encouraging the dissemination of these good practices, in a way that dignifies the elderly and contributes to ageing with quality'.


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