17 February 2023

Delegation from the Angolan National Electricity Transmission Network visits REN facilities

At the end of this week, a delegation of managers and technical staff from the Angolan National Electricity Transmission Network (RNT - Rede Nacional de Transporte de Electricidade) carried out a two-day programme of visits to REN facilities within the scope of a cooperation agreement between the two companies.

The group was led by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of RNT, Mr. Rui Gourgel, who emphasised his desire to have his teams 'take in the knowledge of the experts from REN, a company that operates with such good results in a market as demanding as the European one'. In response, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of REN expressed his satisfaction that RNT had chosen REN to assist it in facing its future challenges, namely in joining Southern Africa's electricity market, something that is expected to happen in 2025. 'We will do our best to share our experience, with the strong belief that we too will learn from the opportunity', Rodrigo Costa said.

Within the scope of the visit, RNT's delegation was given the opportunity to observe the operation of Speed-E, the innovative equipment developed by REN that enables charging electric vehicles directly from the electricity transmission grid. The ability to convert Very-High-Voltage current into Low-Voltage current with a relatively small investment is seen as a possible solution to make energy reach populations that have no access to electricity, despite living close to RNT's grid.


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