25 September 2023

Encontros com Futuro - Natural Capital, reimagining corporate accounts

The last day of 'Encounters with the Future' is dedicated to the 'E' (Environment) of ESG.

On the day when National Sustainability Day is celebrated for the first time, we focus the discussion on the environment.

James Spurgeon, an environmental economist, professor at the University of Warwick, and founder of Sustain Value, is the keynote speaker, and he talks to us about "Natural Capital, reimagining corporate accounts."

Highlighting the risks to nature and biodiversity, which have been at the top of the World Economic Forum's Global Risks Annual Report, James Spurgeon lists some possible strategies to implement in order to achieve a positive ESG balance across all parameters and to make companies "nature-positive."

From carbon neutrality to the circular economy, or from regenerative business models to the adoption of nature-based solutions, there are many examples of strategies that can be implemented to contribute to the expected global impact.

The session also includes comments from João Wengorovius Meneses, Secretary-General of BCSD Portugal, and a roundtable discussion with Nuno Gaspar Oliveira (CEO of Natural Business Intelligence), Marta Santamaria (Senior Director Capitals Coalition), and Ricardo Pinheiro (CEO of Lusorecursos Portugal Lithium). The moderation is led by David Pontes, the director of the newspaper Público.

Follow the live event here, from the Serralves Foundation in Porto.