15 April 2019

Gender Equality is the motto for REN's Open Day

REN - Redes Energéticas Nacionais organized a REN Open Day with the topic of 'Talent has no Gender'.  The initiative, put together by REN's trainees, brought together around 100 students from multiple educational institutions from Greater Lisbon at REN's facilities in Bucelas and Sacavém, on two separate days.
With the emphasis on gender equality, the demystification of engineering as a solely or mostly male professional option was the key message of this day, promoted by REN for the third year in a row, under 'Programa Nós', an internal welfare programme, and in line with REN's Gender Equality Strategic Plan.
REN's 3rd Open Day showed participants not only that engineering has no gender but also what the company does, and included visits to the gas station, to the electricity substation and to gas and electricity dispatch centres. Seeking to challenge the participants, the Open Day also included multiple challenges, in the format of a scavenger hunt, testing the knowledge acquired during the day and fostering teamwork.
The initiative, which combined learning and a competitive spirit, was successful among the youth and reinforced the idea that engineering fields are a path for both genders. 
In association with Open Day REN, an exhibition of 'Female Engineering' was developed, depicting, symbolically and using multiple faces from the company, what it is to be a female engineer in a sector that is still mostly male, what their daily lives consist of, and what motivates and inspires them in their profession.



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