28 May 2013

Gestão Transparente.org with activity plan underway

REN is one of the companies participating in the Gestao Transparente.org project - a Practical Guide to Managing Corruption Risks in Organisations. The goal is to contribute to providing companies with a tool that helps them prevent corruption.

Accordingly, Gestao Transparente.org recently presented its plan of activities for immediate implementation. The objectives are clear: consolidate and enhance the content available in the Guide to Managing Corruption Risks in Organisations and disseminate the project among a network of partners with privileged access to the business fabric of the companies involved in the project.

Gil Vicente highlighted the importance of REN's involvement in this project noting that 'the adopting of stringent measures to combat all forms of corruption is essential'.

About Gestão Transparente.org:
The Gestao Transparente.org website offers a free online simulator that allows different entities to assess the levels of risk of exposure to corruption at any point in time - for example, when conducting a specific business deal in a particular country. It also provides legislation, measures and instruments that help reduce companies' exposure to corruption risks.

The 'GestaoTransparente.Org - Practical guide to managing corruption risks in organisations' project assumes that organisations with transparent, ethical and upstanding practices are more attractive to investment and relations with their partners and the community in general. Therefore, the companies and other organisations, by promoting and developing anti-corruption strategies, can gain competitive advantages in the market and the environments in which they conduct their business activities, while also conveying an image of credibility and create a good external reputation.

The guide also identifies and describes the main organisational tools for preventing corruption risks and it is a practical management tool to provide organisations with support in defining and implementing measures to prevent corruption and promote transparency.

REN has also joined other initiatives to fight corruption, such as the United Nations Global Compact (it is a member since 2005) and the United Nations Convention against Corruption. It has internal rules and tools that promote transparency, integrity and prevent corruption risk in the company, such as the Social Responsibility Policy Statement, the Code of Conduct and the Risk Management Process.

The contributors to this project besides REN are companies such as ANA, CEIIA, EPAL, INTELI, MICROSOFT, MTS, REN and SIEMENS and it counts on the collaboration of CARRIS, CP, ISTEC, METRO. The observers of this innovative project are the Corruption Prevention Council (CPC), Central Bureau of Criminal Investigation (DCIAP) and University of Minho.


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