08 March 2018

"Heróis de toda a espécie" arrive to Marco de Canaveses

Around 240 students from 11 schools in the municipality of Marco de Canaveses attended, on 7 March, to another session of 'Heróis de Toda a Espécie'. An initiative of REN - Redes Energéticas Nacionais, in partnership with the Ministry of Education and with the Ministry of Environment, which also has the technical support of Quercus.

Directed at children in the 3rd and 4th years of the 1st cycle of primary education, this initiative, that took place in Marco Fórum XXI building, seeks to raise awareness among youngsters regarding the importance of biodiversity protection, the preservation of the Portuguese forest and the conservation of threatened or endangered animal and plant species. Converting the students into actual ambassadors of biodiversity through a play, games and the planting of trees is the motto of these actions, which also include a presentation by Quercus.

Designed to complement the schools' programmes, the awareness-raising actions, which have already taken place in around 15 municipalities, engaging over 1,000 students and around 50 teachers, use an interactive and dynamic approach, promoting environmental awareness and a sense of responsibility among the young.

The Iberian Lynx, the Holm Oak, the Bustard, Bonelli's Eagle, the Black Stork, the Iberian Wolf, the Cork Oak, the Holly and the Strawberry Tree are some of the species highlighted in all the actions and activities being developed. REN also created a website to enable access to all content, available at www.heroisdetodaaespecie.pt, in which, in addition to teaching materials to be used in the classroom, educational games, trivia and news are also available. REN also expects to publish on the website and to disclose on the company's corporate presence in social networks, all initiatives and actions in the field of biodiversity that are conducted by local authorities and primary schools, thus promoting a national critical mass.


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