20 November 2019

"Heróis de toda a Espécie" promotes environmental awareness among 400 students

Over 400 primary school students from the Vieira do Minho, Montalegre and Ribeira de Pena schools were Heroes for one day. An initiative of REN - Redes Energéticas Nacionais, with support from the Ministry of Education and from the Ministry of the Environment and Energy Transition, which also has the technical support of Quercus. Theatre, games and the planting of native trees are the motto for this initiative, which seeks to raise awareness among youngsters regarding the importance of biodiversity protection, the preservation of the forest and the conservation of threatened or endangered animal and plant species.

The 'Heróis de toda a Espécie' initiative took place at the Domingos Abreu Elementary School (in Vieira do Minho, on the 19th), at the Montalegre School Centre and at the Ribeira de Pena School Group (on the 20th).

The initiative, aimed at primary school children, is designed to complement school programmes through an interactive and dynamic approach, and seeks, through a set of playful activities, such as theatre, games and the planting of native trees, to stimulate environmental awareness and a sense of responsibility among young people.

The Iberian Wolf was the Hero
All sessions had as their main character the Iberian Wolf, the region's most characteristic animal species, but the Holly Tree, the Strawberry Tree, the Iberian Lynx, the Holm Oak, the Great Bustard, Bonelli's Eagle, the Black Stork and the Cork Oak were also present.

The Domingos Abreu Elementary School received the initiative in Vieira do Minho, on 19 November, with an audience of 150 students coming from other School Centres, such as Guilhofrei, Rossas, and Cávado. The following morning, in Montalegre, in the School Grouping, more than 100 children planted chestnut trees and holly trees and watched a play that delighted both the children and their teachers. In the afternoon, in Ribeira de Pena, almost 150 students consolidated all the topics taught in class and had fun before the attentive eyes of their teachers.

The 'Heróis de toda a Espécie' initiative includes a website (www.heroisdetodaaespecie.pt) created to enable schools and children to access all content: teaching materials for use in the classroom, educational games, trivia, and news.


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