02 May 2016

Heróis de Toda a Espécie Visits Schools of Estremoz and Évora

Initiative raises awareness of the younger generation towards environmental protection and biodiversity conservation

REN - Redes Energéticas Nacionais carries on its activities this week as part of the 'Heróis de toda a espécie' programme, visiting elementary schools of Estremoz and Évora, where, with the support of Quercus, it will strive to raise awareness of the younger generation towards the importance of protecting biodiversity, preserving Portuguese forests and conserving animal and vegetable species that are either endangered or on the verge of extinction.

Supported by the Institute for Nature Conservation and Forests (ICNF) and the Directorate-General of Education, the 'Heróis de toda a espécie' programme is aimed at pupils of years three and four (9 and 10 year olds) of the 1st stage of basic education. It seeks to make them real ambassadors of the importance of biodiversity. This programme, designed to complement the school curricula, will use an interactive and dynamic approach in promoting environmental awareness and encouraging a sense of responsibility among the younger generation.

Theatre, games and tree planting will be the focus of these activities involving around 200 pupils that will take place on the 4th of May at 9h30m at Mata Elementary School, in Estremoz, and at 14h30 at the Horta das Figueiras Elementary School, in Évora. The activities will also include a presentation about animal and plant species.

All content will be made available on the website set up for this purpose at www.heroisdetodaaespecie.pt, which in addition to the teaching material to be used in the classroom will also offer educational games, interesting curiosities and news items. This content was developed by Consulai and BIO3, with technical support from Quercus. | Click here to see the video explaining how to navigate the Heróis de toda a espécie website. REN also intends to publish on the site and on the company's corporate site and social media pages all the initiatives and activities related to biodiversity, carried out by local councils and elementary schools, thereby fostering national critical mass.

For this edition of the programme, REN has chosen to highlight the Bonelli's eagle, the black stork, the Iberian wolf, the cork oak, the holly tree and the strawberry tree, which will play a featured role in all the activities being undertaken. New animal and vegetable species will be added in the future.

This initiative seeks to significantly reinforce the partnership established between REN and ICNF in 2008, under the 'Business & Biodiversity' programme promoted by Portugal when it held the Presidency of the EU. The partnerships for biodiversity are joint projects between companies, NGOs and public authorities to strengthen economic instruments for biodiversity conservation through joint management actions.


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