20 June 2023

Industry leaders join forces to drive hydrogen integration in the building sector

With 100+ projects across Europe testing hydrogen for buildings, the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance reaffirms its crucial role in supporting the EU Hydrogen Strategy to make hydrogen available, reliable and affordable for all European consumers.

Rui Bessa, Head of Technical Area at REN Portgás Distribuição, Martina Wettin, Co-founder at Nilsson Energy, and Klaus Payrhuber, Strategic Product Development Manager at INNIO, are thrilled to announce their appointments as co-chairs of the Round Table 'Buildings' of the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance.

During their one-year term, they will coordinate the roundtable work to enable residential, commercial and public buildings or facilities such as airports, railway stations, or harbours to become valuable elements in the hydrogen ecosystem, ensuring resilience for the future European integrated energy system. "At Portgás we firmly believe that hydrogen will play a central role in the energy mix for buildings and communities.

Our slogan 'More comfortable communities, one home at a time', reflects our dedication to creating a sustainable future" stated Rui Bessa. As leading Portuguese DSO, REN Portgás Distribuição has been at the forefront of providing sustainable, safe, and affordable energy solutions for over 35 years.

An unwavering commitment to the Round Table 'Buildings' of the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance, matched by the enthusiasm expressed by Martina Wettin, Co-founder at Nilsson Energy, a renowned system integrating company and supplier of local renewable energy systems, using hydrogen as an energy carrier.

"Moving forward, we foresee the importance of working together in broad collaboration to develop and extend the hydrogen value chain, where buildings can become valuable, safe, and robust energy nodes and resources for the whole hydrogen ecosystem" declared Martina Wettin, underlying how a holistic approach to energy transformation is much needed if we want to make our buildings climate neutral also by using hydrogen solutions.

"While in the past, the hydrogen alliance primarily centered around hydrogen production, going forward, the efficient use of hydrogen and its impact on avoided CO2 emissions will become increasingly vital”, stated Klaus Payrhuber, from INNIO, emphasising the evolving focus of the alliance, and reaffirming the mission of INNIO to empower industries and communities with high-efficiency distributed combined heat and power solutions.

Round Table 'Buildings' promotes the development of the hydrogen market

The Round Table 'Buildings' held its first meeting under the new leadership and enlarged membership on May 12, 2023.

Key discussion points revolved around enhancing cooperation across the hydrogen value chain, analyzing the impact of the Net Zero Industry Act on hydrogen market development, and fostering local-level projects across Europe.

With the support of the European Heating Industry, which facilitates the Round Table work, the co-chairs will support a comprehensive program where new and existing members are able to collaborate towards integrated projects and value chain interaction (production of hydrogen, distribution and use) to be presented at the upcoming Hydrogen Forum on June 27, 2023.

By fostering synergy between sectors where hydrogen is a no-regret solution, they strive to accelerate the adoption of sustainable practices on a global scale.

REN Portgás Distribuição is a Portuguese DSO supplying energy to over 400,000 consumers through an extensive network of over 6,400 km. Committed to decarbonization and digitalization, REN Portgás implements an integrated plan to facilitate a full H2 compatible network and support the adaptation of end-users' appliances and installations.

Nilsson Energy is a system integrator and supplier of local renewable energy systems that utilise hydrogen as an energy carrier. The company spans the entire value chain, from hydrogen production, self-sufficiency of electricity and heat to commissioning and maintenance of the systems.

INNIO is a leading solutions provider of gas engines, power equipment, a digital platform and related services for power generation and gas compression at or near the point of use. With its diverse portfolio of reliable, economical and sustainable industrial gas engines generates 200 kW to 10 MW of power for numerous industries globally.