31 March 2014

Nester has been officialy recognised as a R&D

Through the officially dispatched published on 17 of March, (Despacho 4058/2014) by the Portuguese Government, Nester has been officially recognized as a R&D entity by the Ministry of Education and Science, for research and development in technical and scientific fields of design and developing solutions in the area of energy networks.

This distinction, is an important milestone on Nester, as well as a recognition of the company's activities in R & D in the of energy networks area.

With this recognition , the Center for Energy Research REN SGPS, SA - State Grid, SA (NESTER), gathered more favorable conditions for future cooperations regarding the development of R & D projects with external entities or other collaborative actions, since that these same entities can take advantage of funding on any subcontracting costs under the Fiscal Incentives for business R & D System (SIFIDE).

Visit our www.rdnester.com and discover more about our R & D skills, areas of intervention and project portfolio.


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