30 January 2015

New collective lanour agreement comes into effect with the assent of all the trade unions

REN – Redes Energéticas Nacionais reached an agreement with all the trade unions representing REN’s employees after signing the new collective labour agreement (CLA) today with Fiequimetal.

The new CLA comes into effect on 1 February and will cover nine companies 100% owned by REN. The new CLA will establish a system of collective labour relations covering all workers in the group’s companies, increasing internal equality and ensuring more efficient human resource management. The new CLA will also foster adjustments to current practices within the group on matters such as the organisation of work, remuneration, social benefits and occupational health and safety. It will also ensure compliance with the new legal framework on labour matters.

Elsa Carvalho, Director of Human Resources at REN, said that the new document was a significant step within the Group, which now had more equal, company-wide collective rules. She stated, “The new CLA’s aim is to optimise, standardise and simplify. It reflects greater equality among all the employees that are part of our company today.” The proposal for the new CLA was submitted to the trade unions representing the company’s employees in December 2012, the year the Portuguese state ceased to be REN’s majority shareholder.


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