16 June 2023

Portgás at the forefront European roundtable on hydrogen in buildings

Portgás takes a leading role in the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance's (ECHA) roundtable discussion on integrating hydrogen in buildings.

As a key initiative by the European Commission to accelerate the hydrogen value chain development by 2030, ECHA plays a pivotal role in supporting the European Union's Hydrogen Strategy. This strategy aims to ensure the availability, safety, and affordability of hydrogen for all European consumers.

Currently, ECHA oversees more than 100 projects across Europe, focused on testing hydrogen applications in buildings. As part of the REN Group, Portgás shares the leadership of this roundtable with esteemed representatives from Nilsson Energy, a renowned provider of local renewable energy systems, and INNIO, a leading supplier of gas engine solutions.

Over the course of one year, they will collaborate to steer the roundtable's efforts in making residential, commercial, and public buildings (such as airports, train stations, or ports) valuable assets within the hydrogen ecosystem. Their aim is to ensure resilience for the future integrated European energy system. In May 2023, the 'Buildings' Roundtable conducted its inaugural meeting under the new leadership, with an increased number of members.

The primary focus of the gathering was to foster enhanced cooperation along the entire hydrogen value chain. Special consideration was given to the impact of the Net Zero Industry Act on hydrogen market development, as well as the encouragement of local-level projects throughout Europe.

Supported by the European Heating Industry, the co-leaders have devised a comprehensive programme aimed at promoting integrated projects among roundtable members and fostering collaboration across the entire value chain, encompassing hydrogen production, distribution, and utilization. This programme will be unveiled at the upcoming Hydrogen Forum on June 27, 2023.