05 June 2019

Prevention and safety under discussion at REN

Sharing the best practices on prevention, safety culture and emergency response in the organizations was the aim of the meeting hosted today by REN, bringing together representatives of ACT - Autoridade para as Condições do Trabalho (Working Conditions Authority), ANEPC - Autoridade Nacional de Emergência e Proteção Civil (National Emergency and Civil Protection Authority), multiple companies, and REN's main service providers.

Prevention and safety are of particular importance to REN as a company operating in areas such as the transmission of very-high-voltage electricity and of natural gas, and the overall technical management of the National Electric System and of the National Natural Gas System. 

According to Francisco Parada, responsible for REN's Quality, Environment and Safety area, 'prevention and safety (both at work and industrial) are part of the company's basic values. For this reason, we promote the sharing and implementation of best practices and techniques for risk assessment and protection of all human resources involved in the company's activity'. 
The symposium promoted by REN was attended by several national and international specialists in the area of prevention and safety. Oscar van Aagten, head of TENNET, one of Europe's leading operators of high-voltage electricity connection systems, spoke about the company's experience regarding its safety culture in power transmission systems. The topic of prevention was in focus in the presentations of Patrícia Gaspar, from the National Civil Protection Authority, and Carlos Dias, from Safteng, a company specialized in the area of consulting and training in Occupational Health and Safety and in Safety Engineering projects. Francisco Parada revealed the practices followed by REN concerning prevention and safety.

Prevention and a culture of safety in the organizations was also the topic of a round-table discussion attended by José Prior, from Autoeuropa, José Almeida, from GALP, and Paula Monteiro, from The Navigator Company, as well as Francisco Parada, representing REN.

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About REN:
REN - Redes Energéticas Nacionais operates in two large business areas: the transmission of very-high-voltage electricity and the overall technical management of the Electricity System; and the transport of high-pressure natural gas and the overall technical management of the Natural Gas System, ensuring the receipt, storage and regasification of LNG and the underground storage of natural gas. REN is also involved in the telecommunications business through RENTELECOM, which covers a variety of services relating to infrastructure, managed services and consultancy. REN, which complies with all required quality and safety standards, aims to be one of the most efficient electricity and natural gas transport system operators in Europe, and thereby create value for its shareholders. 

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