02 June 2014

R&D Nester and APREN sign agreement for the develompment of projects in the energy sector

The energy research and development centre, R&D Nester and APREN (Portuguese Renewable Energy Association) signed a partnership agreement that will allow the creation of technical, scientific and institutional synergies in projects in the energy sector, particularly in the optimisation and integration of renewable energies in electricity grids.

APREN and R&D Nester, a subsidiary of REN and China Electric Power Research Institute (a subsidiary of SGCC - State Grid Corporation of China), will now share information on renewable energy, working together at conferences and workshops and drafting articles and joint projects in various media.

This partnership also envisages the two entities jointly submitting applications for national and European energy sector funding programmes.

According to R&D Nester's General Manager, Nuno Souza e Silva, this partnership aims to 'share information and knowledge of a sector in constant development. 'As APREN is an association that brings together almost all the developers of the renewable energy sector in Portugal it makes perfect sense to us to establish closer ties and share information that could be useful for both parties.'

António Sá da Costa, chairman of the board at APREN, adds, 'this partnership is the result of a long-standing arrangement of cooperation that has existed between REN and APREN, and without which the percentage of special regime renewable electricity in Portugal would not be as high as it currently is. This is a formalisation of the agreement with a broader scope, which is expected to achieve interesting results for Portugal.'  


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