05 April 2017

REN and Movimento Eco joined by "Portugal without fires depends on everyone"

REN and Movimento ECO - Empresas Contras os Fogos (ECO Movement - Companies Against Fires) are partners in the campaign dedicated to the topic 'Scrub Clearance - Portugal without fires depends on everyone'.

After the campaigns in previous years, focusing on raising the Portuguese people's awareness regarding risk behaviours to avoid, such as making fires, throwing cigarettes on the floor and using pyrotechnics, this year the goal is to alert landowners to the importance of clearing the scrubland up to 50 metres around their homes.

The cause's importance, along with the effort REN carried out in preventing and fighting forest fires, justify maintaining this partnership, which REN joined in 2012.

Movimento ECO is a national civic movement supported by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forests and Rural Development.


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