30 July 2019

REN at the start of the Pilot Project for the participation of consumption in the adjustment reserve market

REN - Rede Eléctrica Nacional, from 12 July, has the ability to ensure the balance between the generation and the consumption of the Portuguese National Electrical System through the mobilisation of two consumers that initiated their participation in the Pilot Project: Solvay Portugal, S.A. and Sociedade Portuguesa do Ar Líquido, Lda.
In order to ensure a balance between production and consumption, REN manages a set of mechanisms that enable the mobilisation or demobilisation of generation/consumption. One of these mechanisms is the adjustment reserve market, where, with the publication of Directive No. 4/2019 approving the rules of the Pilot Project for the participation of consumption in this market, the participation of consumers with a supply capacity of 1 MW or more became possible.
The implementation of the pilot project required: The establishment of new contractual relationships with the various entities participating in the pilot project; implementation of communication channels between the Dispatch and the multiple consuming facilities; changes to computer applications that support the real-time operation; implementation of new counting information flows; and adaptation of the settlement procedures and of the computer applications supporting the settlement of the system services market.
By 21 July, 154 MWh of rising adjustment energy (reduction in consumption) and 95.9 MWh of falling adjustment energy (increase in consumption) had been contracted.


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