05 July 2021

REN donates vehicle to Gondomar Social – Associação de Intervenção Comunitária

REN - Redes Energéticas Nacionais donated a vehicle to Gondomar Social - Associação de Intervenção Comunitária (Community Intervention Association), which will contribute to an improvement in the provision of social services in the region. The institution, in addition to the services it regularly provides to the population, is currently supporting the Backup Hospital for COVID-19 patients, installed in the Bom Pastor Seminary, in Ermesinde.

Taking into account that Gondomar Social is providing six meals a day to patients and medical, nursing and auxiliary staff of the Backup Support Structure (COVID-19) of the Bom Pastor Seminary, the vehicle donated by REN will increase the institution's ability to distribute food and transport people.

For Helena Loureiro, representative of Gondomar Social, 'this vehicle is essential for the promotion of the physical and emotional well-being of all recipients of the actions promoted by Gondomar Social, so crucial in the pandemic phase that we are going through and that, unfortunately, will linger'.

As an example, within the scope of the Home Support Service, without the vehicle it would not be possible to carry out the multiple actions that the organisation puts in practice to remove the elderly from isolation and to promote their socialisation and interpersonal relationships.

In the case of specific work with young people with behavioural problems, the promotion of healthy activities outside the organisation is essential for their balance and to minimise the problems they present.

Now, given all the organisational logistics that the institutions face, the possibility of having an additional vehicle enables reinforcing and continuing these activities.

To that effect, the vehicle donated by REN is an extraordinary help to solving the social problems faced by the territory where Gondomar Social intervenes.

'It is a pleasure to be able to work with organisations that, within the scope of their social responsibility rationale, focus their policy towards providing such specific and essential support, as is the case of REN's donation of the vehicle. I applaud REN for yet another initiative, so differentiating and essential for the promotion of the resolution of social problems in our country', she added.

For Margarida Ferreirinha, Head of Communication and Sustainability at REN, 'it is with great pleasure that the company supports the activity of an institution such as Gondomar Social, which will enable greater flexibility and ability to respond to the home support service provided by this institution. We hope that this vehicle donated by REN will contribute to the well-being of the citizens of the communities covered', she added.

Founded in 2010, Gondomar Social - Associação de Intervenção Comunitária is dedicated to developing social responses, although its scope also covers other areas, such as health, culture and education.

The project Casa de Acolhimento Residencial Especializado - CARE Coração d'Ouro, for young girls aged between 12 and 18 in situations of extreme vulnerability, should be highlighted. These girls are permanent residents of the home and, for safety reasons, have their classes inside its premises.


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