23 November 2021

REN For the defense and valorization of the Forest

The forest is everyone's and must be protected by everyone!

Today, November 23, at the 'Dia da Floresta Autóctone' (Autocnative Forest Day), REN-Redes Energéticas Nacionais joins the celebrations to raise awareness to the need of preserving and protecting natural forests.

At REN, we work daily for the promotion and protection of biodiversity within the portuguese natural heritage. It is through our efforts that since 2010 we have planted more than one million trees, replacing fast-growing species with native ones that are more resistant to the risk of fire. It is also in this context that we have reconverted 14% of our easements with natural species from its respective regions.

All this, because it is important to take care of our forest and our biodiversity, not only on Autocnative Forest Day, but always!


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