06 October 2021

REN fosters gender equality with Girl MOVE Academy

Breaking the cycle of poverty through women's empowerment is the purpose of Girl MOVE Academy that REN embraces, for the first time, under its commitment to Gender Equality and whithin the targets and measures of its 2019-2023 Gender Equality Strategic Plan and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs 5- Gender Equality).

The Girl MOVE Academy is a Grassroots Leadership Academy that, through its educational models, amplifies talent, promotes gender equality and leads to sustainable transformation. Each year the Academy together with its Partners provides to young skilled Mozambican women, the Girl Movers, a personal and professional development experience under the 'CHANGE Program', one of the Academy's four Programmes. 

This year, starting in october, REN receives one Girl Mover for a four-week exchange program in an online format that will be complemented in november with the Leadership & Social Innovation Training Program, from Catolica Lisbon School.

REN's support to this Program reflects its commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion principles, together with its commitment to the United Nations #TargetGenderEquality and WEP - Women's Empowerment Principles programs, as well as its belief that together it is possible to foster real change in theses girls' lives, to which is not unrelated the historical cooperation bond between Portugal (REN) and Mozambique.

Learn more about Girl MOVE Academy here.


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