06 October 2017

REN gets funding from the European Commission to develop studies for connections between Portugal and Spain

REN Eléctrica, S.A. obtained funding from the European Commission (EC) for the development of environmental studies, cartography, design and engineering studies for Project of Common Interest 'Connections between Northern Portugal and North-Western Spain'.

This project aims for the creation of conditions to reach a complete Iberian Electricity Market (MIBEL) and strengthening the Internal Energy Market (IEM), through the reinforcement of the cross-border capacities between Portugal and Spain for which a new electrical interconnection between northern Portugal and north-western Spain is needed.

This Action includes funds for the activities identified above for the substations of Ponte de Lima and Vila Nova de Famalicão, and for the OHL Recarei - Vermoim 4, opening to Vila Nova de Famalicão Substation, OHL Ponte de Lima - Vila Nova de Famalicão and OHL Ponte de Lima - Spain (border).


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