16 December 2015

REN Intranet wins FEIEA Grand Prix

REN was the winner of the “Best Intranet” category at the FEIEA Grand Prix. The 2015 edition of this event, promoted by the European Association of Internal Communication, took place in Rome on 16 November.

REN’s Intranet was developed with a view to fostering a more participatory and collaborative culture, providing all employees access to all of the company’s news, offering them the ability to define a personalised profile and access to various tools and applications and other content. The graphic concept and web design were completed by the BY agency, with Via Tecla responsible for its implementation.

REN took first place in this year’s edition, followed by Pristop from Slovenia and Siemens Austria in second and third place, respectively.

Created in Copenhagen in 1955, FEIEA includes members from 11 countries: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

The FEIEA Grand Prix is an award that recognises internal communications excellence in Europe. Since they were first awarded in 1991, the FEIEA Grand Prix has recognised 515 companies and bodies from more than 3,900 candidates from 18 European countries.


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