09 September 2021

REN is the first portuguese company to join the Transport4nature european initiative

REN is the first Portuguese company taking part in the Transport4nature European initiative, which seeks to mobilise and encourage companies in the goods, people, and energy transport sector in Europe to protect, promote, and restore biodiversity. 

REN's declaration of commitment to this alliance, which follows and subscribes to the principles of the Act4nature International initiative, was made official during a launch ceremony at the IUCN World Conservation Congress in Marseille, France. This ceremony included a video statement by Rodrigo Costa, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of REN, who stressed that the company is committed to this initiative's principles, which reflect the company's strategy in the management of biodiversity, contributing to safeguard ecosystem services. REN joined this international initiative as part of the Portuguese launch of Act4Nature, an initiative promoted by BCSD Portugal to mobilise Portuguese companies to protect biodiversity, in which REN was involved from the outset.

Transport4Nature is an alliance promoted by IENE (Infrastructure and Ecology Network Europe) together with the EpE - Entreprises pour l'Environnement association, which includes transport infrastructure operators, public bodies, academia, and environmental associations with a single goal: to create collective international momentum to protect, enhance, and restore biodiversity sustainably in a context where the planet is losing biodiversity at an unprecedented rate and rapidly approaching a point of no return.

Based on the principles of the Act4nature International initiative, Transport4nature subscribes to the commitments made therein by companies for the defence of biodiversity, adapted to the goods, people, and energy transport sector in Europe. These commitments translate into integrating nature - environment, animals, plants, ecosystems, interactions, and genetic heritage - in strategies and business models and to implement measures that find solutions for the conservation of biological diversity, for its restoration, for the sustainable use of natural resources, and for the fair and equitable distribution of the benefits stemming from this use.

REN's membership in Transport4Nature, as previously in Act4Nature, reflects the importance given by the company to the preservation of biodiversity. The company's performance in this matter is structured according to several lines of action: identifying the impacts of its activity on biodiversity, involving employees, suppliers, and service providers, assessing risks and adopting measures to minimise impacts, and supporting nature conservation initiatives.


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