19 June 2013

REN is the only portuguese company represented in Future Energy Leaders

REN is the only Portuguese company selected to represent Portugal in the Future Energy Leaders, which will take place at the upcoming World Energy Congress in Korea next October. It will have over 100 participants from 44 countries.

The initiative will attract some of the most brilliant young talents in the world to the congress. This elite will contribute their innovative perceptions to the event’s agenda, which is addressing the general theme of 'Securing Tomorrow's Energy Today”.

All the Future Energy Leaders work in energy-related areas, such as government, industry, finance, universities and NGOs, and have been appointed by their countries of origin in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, North America and the Middle East. Funding for the programme is being provided by the Organising Committee of the World Energy Congress and the Korean Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy.

As the preparations for the year's most important energy event progress, the Future Energy Leaders have been divided into working groups to address issues such as the frontiers of oil and gas, the carbon energy transition, funding of energy projects and the role of fuel and new energy generation technologies.

The World Energy Congress is held every three years under the supervision of the World Energy Council, which consists of 93 national committees representing more than 3,000 member organisations, including governments, industry, professional institutions and associations and non-profit organisations.

This year's congress will only be the second in its 90-year history to be held in Eastern Asia. Delegates are expected from all world energy sectors, including ministers, heads of state, current and future leaders of industry from industrialised and developing countries. The event is being organised by the World Energy Council and the 2013 Daegu Organising Committee, which represents the Korean WEC members.

About the Future Energy Leaders’ Programme (FELP)
The World Energy Council's Future Energy Leaders’ Programme (FELP) encourages the involvement of the new generation of energy leaders from all over the world. It brings together young talent to nurture their experience, knowledge and abilities in the energy sector and related areas, thereby contributing to the WEC's global dialogue and helping to mould energy solutions for the future. The FELP is based on the ideas and innovative potential of the next generation of leaders and helps to inspire new ways of thinking and structuring the future of sustainable energy.


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