28 May 2020

REN Joins BCSD Portugal Manifesto

REN joined the Manifesto «Take advantage of the crisis to launch a new sustainable development paradigm», promoted by BCSD Portugal, together with other 64 companies, among which more than a half belongs to PSI20.

With the ambition of helping Portugal to build a more sustainable development model, the Manifesto, made known today, is part of the awareness of companies that we are at a turning point, in which 'never, as now, our future depended both from our ability as a society to move from words to actions in the transformation of our development model'.

'Because crises are unique opportunities to rethink our future, BCSD Portugal and its associates believe that this is the time to lay new ground for more inclusive, sustainable growth and, in general, to build a new model of sharing value with society and future generations 'highlights João Wengorovius Meneses, Secretary General of BCSD Portugal.

The 64 signatory companies declare their ambition to contribute to the construction of a development model based on five fundamental principles: promoting sustainable and inclusive development, promoting growth, seeking efficiency, strengthening resilience and strengthening corporate citizenship.

Read the full Manifesto here


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