25 June 2020

REN joins the European Association of Issuing Entities of green energy certificates

REN- Redes Energéticas Nacionais joined the Association of Issuing Entities (AIB - Association of Issuing Bodies), an association that brings together all the European entities responsible for green energy certification.

The participation in this association will allow producers that produce electricity from 'green' energy sources in Portugal, to sell these certificates, called Guarantees and Origin, to any consumer or energy trader within the European space. For that, they will have to register with REN, which acts as Issuing Entity for Guarantees of Origin in Portugal (EEGO).

The adhesion was formally approved at the last AIB General Assembly, which took place on the 19th of June and will take effect from the 1st of July. The import and export operations of Guarantees of Origin may start from the 1st of August , after the connection of the EEGO system to the AIB system.


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