03 June 2015

REN launches initiative "Heróis de toda a espécie" to educate young people about environmental issues

REN, with support from the Institute for Nature Conservation and Forestry and the Directorate-General for Education, launched the pedagogical initiative, 'Heróis de toda a espécie', in order to sensitize communities to the protection of biodiversity, preservation of the Portuguese forest and conservation of animal and plant species threatened or endangered.

This initiative, aimed at children from the 3rd and 4th years of basic education, seeks to form true ambassadors for this cause. Designed to complement the school curriculum, this program uses an interactive and dynamic approach, promoting environmental awareness and sense of responsibility amongst the young. The program will start with the beginning of the school year in September.

To facilitate access to all content, it has also created a website, available in www.heroisdetodaaespecie.pt in which, in addition to materials for use in the classroom, are available educational games, trivia and news. The contents were developed by Consulai, Bio3, with technical support from Quercus.

To João Faria Conceição, Executive Director of REN, 'this project is a further demonstration of the REN's strong commitment to preserve biodiversity. The program was developed with the goal of educating the young, giving them tools and, above all, knowledge, to foster an attitude and commitment to protect and preserve the most endangered species. It is important that, from early years, one learns to reconcile economic and social development with respect for the balance and dynamics of our environment'.

This year, the featured species are the Bonelli's Eagle, the Black Stork, the Iberian Wolf, the Cork Oak, Holly and Arbutus, and these are the central figures of all actions and activities to develop. In the future will be added new animal and plant species.

This initiative reinforces the partnership established between REN and the ICNF in 2008, under the program 'Business & Biodiversity', promoted by Portugal under the Portuguese EU Presidency. Partnerships for biodiversity are joint projects between companies, NGOs and public authorities, to strengthen economic instruments for biodiversity conservation through joint management actions.

This partnership provides the implementation of the project ' Heróis de toda a espécie', launched today, as well as the adherence to this project to Natural.PT brand, an ICNF initiative to represent a product or project, together with the national natural heritage of exception.


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