23 June 2020

REN makes first issue of Guarantees of Origin

REN - Redes Energéticas Nacionais carried out the first issuance of guarantees of origin (GOs), which certify electricity produced in Portugal from renewable energy sources. So far, around 150 companies have already applied for registration.

Electricity suppliers wishing to make their commercial offers greener, and who until now did so through the use of GOs imported from other countries, will now be able to do so with GOs Made in Portugal (code 560). To do so, they will have to register with the Guarantees of Origin Issuing Body (EEGO). So far, around 150 companies have already applied for registration.

In Portugal, REN assumes the role of Issuer of Guarantees of Origin (EEGO) responsible for the implementation and management of the GOs issuing system, comprising the registration, issuance, transfer and electronic cancellation of these certificates.

There are currently 2 major types of GOs: GOs (RES) for electrical and thermal energy produced from renewable energy sources, which are intended to inform the consumer about the origin of the energy consumed and whose objective is to promote the use of renewable energy sources; and GOs (CHP) for high efficiency cogeneration, whose objective is to promote cogeneration in the internal energy market and are intended to demonstrate the primary energy savings that allow access to subsidized remuneration regimes.

EEGO started its activity in March 2020, and the transitional period for the registration of energy producers and their production facilities in the EEGO System is currently underway, namely the registration of electricity production facilities from renewable energy sources and cogeneration installations in efficient and high efficiency operating regimes.

Until this date, approximately 150 companies have already applied for registration, with approximately 80 registered, or in the process of completing the process, including producers, suppliers and brokers. With regard to production facilities, registration has so far been requested for 330 facilities, 87 of which have already completed the process, totaling approximately 7000 MW of installed power capacity, which corresponds to about 50% of the total power subject to emission of GOs.


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