16 December 2014

REN receives Patronage Award

The Associação Portuguesa de Museologia (Portuguese Association of Museology - APOM) distinguished REN with the Patronage Award, in a ceremony held at the Museu da Farmácia in Lisbon.

The prize awarded to REN follows the support given to the Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga (National Museum of Ancient Art - MNAA).

The support provided by REN to the MNAA takes many forms, being the most emblematic the celebration of REN day at the MNAA. On this day, REN opens the doors of the National Museum of Ancient Art to everyone, inviting schools and the public to visit the oldest museum in Portugal. The program includes a full schedule of shows and initiatives, and also guided tours and workshops.

The prizes awarded by APOM - founded in 1965 - are intended to encourage the spirit of preservation and dissemination of heritage museums, according to the association, distinguishing, among others, the best intervention and restoration, the best catalog, and the best museum project.



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