19 July 2023

REN reinforces its commitment to Biodiversity

REN has approved the Biodiversity's Strategy Commitment Letter for all the company's operations and infrastructures. The document is structured into four pillars and aims to enhance the integration of biodiversity into the company's activities, bringing positive outcomes for communities, employees, climate, and the environment. 

In the first pillar - mitigating and monitoring impacts on biodiversity - REN aims to reduce such impacts through prevention and minimisation, ensuring the compensation of those that cannot be avoided.

In the second pillar, REN commits to promoting biodiversity beyond the obligations of environmental legislation. It takes a proactive approach through conservation and, whenever possible, engaging in ecological restoration and enhancing the resilience of the territories where it operates.

In the third pillar, REN commits to promoting Research, Development, and Innovation in the field of Biodiversity, namely in the context of the impact of its operations and infrastructures. This commitment involves fostering the development of scientific studies and testing of technological solutions applied to REN's specific context.

In the fourth and final pillar - Communication, Dissemination, and Knowledge Transfer -, REN commits to promoting a fruitful dialogue and partnership with stakeholders, raising awareness, empowering individuals, and fostering environmental education as well as sharing the outcomes and promoting scientific and technical knowledge both internally and externally.  

With this Biodiversity's Strategy Commitment Letter, REN reinforces its role as one of the companies that contributes the most to the protection and restoration of native forests in Portugal as well as to the promotion of biodiversity by minimising its own impact. This Commitment Letter resulted from the work of several workshops conducted by REN in collaboration with the Centre for Biodiversity and Genetic Resources Research (CIBIO) at the University of Porto.