23 April 2021

REN’s General Shareholders’ Meeting approves all points with large majority

REN General Shareholders' Meeting, convened today by telematic means, with a quorum of 58,01% , unequivocally approved all items on the agenda. The Annual Report was approved unanimously and the remaining agenda items were approved with large majority.

As in 2020, the General Shareholders' Meeting was held by telematic means in strict compliance with the recommendations of the Portuguese Securities Market Commission (CMVM), the Portuguese Institute of Corporate Governance (IPCG) and the Portuguese Issuers Association (AEM). As stipulated by these entities, 'holding general meetings via remote communication means is, in this context, a highly recommendable solution and the one that, among the available options, ensures greater compatibility of the interests at stake'.

The agenda for the General Assembly was as follows: 

1. Resolve on the approval of the consolidated and individual Annual Report documents referring to the financial year ended on 31 December 2020, accompanied, namely, by the legal certification of accounts, the opinion of the supervisory body, the report of the Audit Committee, the corporate governance report, the consolidated non-financial statements and the remuneration report.

2. Resolve on the proposal for the allocation of profits in relation to the financial year ended on 31 December 2020.

3 Perform the general evaluation of the management and supervision of the Company, in accordance with article 455 of the Portuguese Commercial Companies Code.

4. Resolve on the granting of authorisation to the Board of Directors for the acquisition and sale of own shares by REN and its subsidiaries of REN.

5. Resolve on the granting of authorisation for the acquisition and sale of own bonds or other own debt securities by REN and its subsidiaries.

6. Resolve on the remuneration policy of the members of the management and supervisory bodies and of the General Shareholders Meeting Board.

7. Resolve on the appointment of the members of the governing bodies of REN for the new term-of-office, corresponding to the three-year period 2021-2023.

8. Resolve on the remuneration of members of the Remuneration Committee.


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