27 February 2013

REN signs agreement to set up an R&D centre in Portugal

REN - Redes Energéticas Nacionais today signed an agreement with CEPRI - China Electric Power Research Institute (representing State Grid International Development), to establish a Research and Development Centre for energy in Portugal.

Prestigious universities in the energy sector, local industry and international R&D institutions will work with the centre, which aims to become an international platform of knowledge for the development of innovative solutions and tools to be used for the planning and operation of energy transmission grids. 

Rui Cartaxo, CEO of REN, said, 'The Research and Development Centre is of great importance for the energy sector in Portugal and it will contribute to the development of a more efficient, safer, cheaper and sustainable energy system, placing REN and the country at the forefront of the field of energy transmission grid management'.

The R&D Centre will be divided into four areas: simulation of energy systems; management of integration of renewable energy sources into the grid; smart grid technologies; and economy and energy markets.


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