20 December 2016

REN takes 70 volunteers the cleaning action of the tapada de Mafra

This initiative, which was held for the fourth consecutive year, with the coordination and technical support of the Tapada de Mafra, alerted participants to the importance of the prevention of the risk of fires and forest preservation. Total of 4 years, REN has already contributed to the cleaning of 30 hectares in this important natural Portuguese heritage landmark.

Volunteers cleared debris, resulting from Forest Grove overturned cups chopped vegetation native species competitor and noticed the protections and fences. This initiative allows reconciling the volunteer program of REN (Share) with one of the company's sustainability strategy: the preservation of the environment and biodiversity conservation.

The participation of students from the PPE intended to provide a new experience to young people and alert them to the importance of environmental protection. REN is associated the EPI since 2008, in the framework of the initiatives to combat school drop-out, promoting regular study visits for young people between 14 and 16 years, at the premises of the company.

According to Paula Simoes, Director of the Tapada de Mafra, 'initiatives of this kind are of the utmost importance not only for the work itself that really helps us but also by the positive impact generated in civil society, helping to draw attention to the importance of clean land and biodiversity protection'.


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