20 November 2015

REN website wins IMA Award

REN’s website was one of this year’s winners at the Interactive Media Awards (IMA), winning the “Best in Class” prize in the “Energy” and “Utilities” categories. This is the second year running that REN has won the IMA’s top honour, the “IMA Best in Class Award”, taking its place again in the Winners Gallery for this award that recognises excellence in web design and development.

The prize is awarded following an assessment of the website’s planning, execution and professionalism by a jury of expert members of the Interactive Media Council (IMC), a non-profit organisation dedicated to improving standards of excellence on the Internet, and by specialists in the fields of web design, application development, usability engineering, privacy protection, e-commerce security, accessibility, publicity standards and corporate publicity and communications.

The site was assessed using a classification system based on the allocation of up to 500 points to each candidate. In this year’s assessment, REN’s website scored a total of 480 points: 94, 100, 100, 95 and 91 in the Design, Content, Feature Functionality, Usability and Standards Compliance categories, respectively. Websites with an overall score of 460-479 received an “Outstanding Achievement” Award, while those with an overall score of 480-500, like REN, won the “Best in Class” Award.

Achieving the same “Best in Class” recognition in the “Energy” category were CLP Power Hong Kong Ltd and Comrade, for the website Sungevity, a global solar energy supplier.

The IMA promotes high standards of excellence in the design and development of websites and recognises the remarkable achievements of individuals and organisations. Created by the Interactive Media Council (IMC), its aim is to raise the bar on the Internet and provide its winners with greater recognition and exposure.


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