20 March 2015

REN wins Masters of Human Capital” award

REN - Redes Energéticas Nacionais - won an award at this year's Masters of Human Capital. The company won an award in the 'Best Social Responsibility and Promotion of Well-being Policy' for its NÓS Programme. This programme is an initiative launched by REN to attract and retain the best professionals and to provide an environment in which all employees can develop and maximize their potential on the basis of the values of equilibrium, equality and inclusion.
Masters of Human Capital is organized by the IFE Group (International Faculty for Executives) and Professional Human Resources Fair - EXPO RH, now in its 4th edition. The awards are given each year in recognition of the most innovative schemes implemented by professionals and to those companies that stand out for the results obtained from the strategic management of human resources in the performance of their tasks. 
This award, says Elsa Carvalho, REN Director of Human Resources, is simultaneously a source of pride and an incentive to pursue the work undertaken in this field. 'It is external recognition of the work we have been developing in these areas and it reinforces our commitment to continue to search for solutions that are adaptable to our company and our business', which she considers to be 'innovative and differentiating vis-à-vis other companies in the market'.
REN's NÓS programme, which is designed for all the company's employees, aims to ensure equilibrium, equality and inclusion. Accordingly, this programme seeks to promote balance across the board by creating an environment of development and maximizing potential; to foster equality by preventing any form of discrimination on the basis of race, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, political opinions or religious beliefs and, lastly, to further the professional inclusion of people with disabilities or foreigners, contributing to an increase in employability.



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