08 June 2016

REN's APP wins gold

The REN App was awarded Best in the 'Mobile Media /app' category at the Questar Awards 2016. The App, designed especially for investors and media was launched in early January. It seeks to facilitate access to all information regarding REN on a single platform, including the real-time share price, financial events calendar, corporate presentations and also receive alerts and notifications of calendar updates or official market announcements.

The application also provides an intuitively access to performance indicators, news and the multimedia area, allowing all videos and presentations to be viewed, downloaded and shared.

The Questar Awards is an international competition created in 1991 that aims to distinguish the best practices in internal and external communication between companies, non-profit organisations, governments, military organisations, associations and foundations around the world.

In 2015 the Questar Awards received around 130 entries. All the entries are evaluated by a panel of judges composed of creative directors, production managers, public relations managers, marketing managers and the presidents of advertising agencies. Every entry is evaluated three times, separately, in the preliminary rounds and an average score is obtained. This average will determine whether the entry has achieved the minimum score to receive the Gold, Silver, Bronze or Honours award. If no entry has achieved the minimum score then no prizes will be awarded.

The full list of award winners can be viewed at: http://www.mercommawards.com/questar/awardWinners/categoryWinners.htm


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