16 January 2020

RENTELECOM and EllaLink close agreement for dark fibers to foster Data Center connectivity between Europe and Latin America

The EllaLink Group has closed an agreement with RENTELECOM, a Portuguese public telecommunications network operator, to use dark fibers in Portugal and Spain for data center interconnection. 

RENTELECOM offers the largest neutral backbone in Portugal with more than 8,100km of fiber optic cables within their electricity and gas transport domains. EllaLink will integrate RENTELECOM's fibers in its optical platform to enhance its services from Sines to Madrid and Lisbon. The protected fiber ring will connect all the major data centers of both capital cities allowing EllaLink to serve PoPs with low latency capacity, open spectrum and managed spectrum services directly towards Fortaleza, São Paulo and Rio in Brazil.

In Sines, fibers will be used to connect the Sines Tech - Innovation & Data Center Hub, which is strategically positioned for the joint development of subsea cable systems and data center infrastructure, both at the core of today's Internet. 

Rui Franco, Director of RENTELECOM, said 'Our aim is to continuously invest in our networks in order to address Portugal's optical fiber needs. We already offer the largest and most stable neutral optical fiber backbone, with seven cross-border interconnections with Spain, interconnecting all telecom operators and the biggest Datacenters in Portugal.' 

Diego Matas, Chief Operating Officer of EllaLink, added 'This agreement with RENTELECOM further reinforces our presence in Portugal and Spain, breaking ground for a long-term collaboration. The high availability of RENTELECOM's fibers over the shortest route to Madrid, marks a significant step in the expansion of the EllaLink terrestrial network to meet increasing bandwidth demands.'


RENTELECOM is the telecoms and IT provider of the REN Group offering dark fiber, datacenter and connectivity services.  

REN ('Redes Energéticas Nacionais') is the utility in Portugal operating the electricity and gas transport networks - its significant ICT infrastructures covering Portugal and reaching the Spanish border, are critical to the energy business. To learn more visit www.rentelecom.pt .


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