19 August 2021

The times I was mistaken for my colleagues' daughter when I accompanied them in the field”

«I knew what my calling was from an early age! The fascination and curiosity of trying to understand how my younger brothers' battery-operated toys worked got me into trouble sometimes! It wasn't easy for a 10 or 12-year-old child, screwdriver in hand, to put all the pieces back in the right place, but with a bit of childish engineering, the ‘puzzle' was put together and the toys ended up working..., even if with a few parts left!

To experience engineering as a woman, namely in the area of electrical engineering/automation, has been a challenging path, given its still strong male bond, which has provided us women, right from college, with the development of socialisation tools in this still 'male world', in front of professors and colleagues... without having to wear a moustache and a beard!

It's a professional path that begins with standing one's place, where REN, in my case, played an important role. In 2005, in a clear opening to gender opportunity, REN enabled me to develop my skills in this area. I remember with a smile the times I was mistaken for one of my colleagues' daughter when I accompanied them in the field, in the sharing/learning of knowledge of this 'art'at REN's Command and Control Systems.

It's a place that is earned by the way we live our daily lives, by how we relate to our colleagues, by the professionalism with which we dedicate ourselves to what we do, by the achievement of goals, both our own and those of the Company we serve.

Today, I know there is no Gender Engineering! There is work, competence, dedication, sharing, companionship, respect and humility and, most importantly, Family (which greatly supports me). These are my foundations in this profession of excellence, Electrical Engineering.»| Rita Dias

(image caption: REN's Genderless professions. First Hand Testimony by Rita Dias. Equality, Diversity, Inclusion)


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