08 June 2015

Intranet REN wins international award

REN was awarded Silver in the category 'Corporations: Internal Communications' in Questar Awards, an international competition designed to recognize the best practices of companies in the communications area.

The new intranet REN, launched in late 2014, was the internal communication project awarded in the 2015 edition of the Questar Awards, awards that distinguish annually best communication practices, internal and external, between companies, non-profit organizations governments, military organizations, associations and foundations around the world. In what was its fifth edition, the Questar Awards received over 100 applications from countries around the world.

The intranet was developed in order to provide a collaborative work environment and make life easier for users, to make it accessible working tools and encourage employee participation in company life.

'We believe the intranet plays a key role in the daily construction of a strong culture and corporate identity, and information sharing, integration of work tools and the sharing of experiences that this tool permits, are real gains for the performance of all employees, 'said Margarida Ferreirinha, Director of Communication and Sustainability at REN.

The development of graphic and web design concept was the responsibility of BY Agency and the implementation of Via Tecla.



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