22 October 2021

Municipal Day for Equality celebrated at REN with more first-hand testemonies (NA 1ª PESSOA)

To mark the Municipal Day for Equality, which is celebrated every year on October 24, we share more REN Stories on diversity, inclusion and equal opportunities in first-hand testemonies (NA 1ª PESSOA)

Carolina Guedes, Joana Carvalho, Maria José Clara and Sónia Soares address, in first-hand testemonies (NA 1ª PESSOA), the issue of female representation in a sector that is still mostly male by sharing lived episodes and/or reflections on the subject. See the videos below and also recall Patricia Cotrim's and Rita Dias' stories. 

For REN, Gender Equality is a matter of fundamental rights and therefore, non-discrimination based on gender is expressly guaranteed in the Code of Conduct alongside other types of discrimination, in particular on the basis of race, religious belief or political opinion. REN and its employees are thus committed to acting according to the highest standards of individual integrity and dignity, and must denounce any practice that is contrary to any kind of discrimination. | Get to know REN's PLAN FOR GENDER EQUALITY (2022) here.

(image caption: REN's Genderless professions. First Hand Testimony. Equality, Diversity, Inclusion)


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