12 May 2016

REN Prize nearly doubles the number of entries

This year's REN Prize received 48 entries from more than 10 universities and polytechnics across the country, roughly double the number of entries as in 2015.

The REN Prize, created in 1995, distinguishes the best master's degree theses in the energy field, by students of the Engineering, Economics, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Information Systems and Computing areas.

The jury, chaired by Professor João Peças Lopes, will now start evaluating the theses. The student who wins the Best Thesis Prize will be awarded EUR 12,500; second place receives EUR 6,500; and third place EUR 3,500. Other theses deserving recognition of their merit may also be awarded honourable mentions. The winners will be announced at the end of the year.

The REN Prize has been accompanying, since its inception, the changes and developments that have shaped the energy sector. 21 years since its inception, the REN Prize continues to demonstrate REN's solid commitment to innovation and development of the energy sector in our country as well as the strengthening of cooperation between educational institutions, technology development and Portuguese businesses.


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