01 December 2015

REN wins APG Empresa 2015 Award

REN was the winner of the APG Empresa 2015 award by the Associação Portuguesa de Gestão das Pessoas, for its equality, diversity and inclusion programme.

For Elsa Carvalho, Human Resources Director, this recognition 'will help REN in these matters, which it believes are fundamental pillars of the company's culture and a distinctive human resources strategy'.

This award adds to other recognitions already received this year, such as the third place in the 'Most Socially or Environmentally Responsible Company of the year' in the 2014 Best Biz Awards, awarded by a panel of 43 judges from the most prestigious media publications from 18 countries - BBC, Bloomberg, Forbes, ETV and RTE, among others.

This programme, which is intended for all company employees, transversally integrates both internally and externally REN's different policies and practices in a way that is easy to promote and understand. It encourages finding a work/life balance, equality and the professional inclusion of people with disabilities and foreigners, helping enhance their employability.

The AGP Human Resources awards, established in 2006, seek to improve people management in Portugal, promote success stories and contribute to publicising good business practices.


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