15 August 2016

REN's Asset Management distinguished internationally

REN's Asset Management team - Rede Eléctrica Nacional - won the 'Best Presentation Award' at ITOMS Conference - International Transmission Operations & Maintenance Study.

This International Conference took place in Richmond, Virginia State Capital (USA) and is considered the most reliable and worldwide benchmarking for Transmission System Operators (TSO) and therefore a reference regarding asset and management policys.

REN's paper addressed the developments achieved with the 'Asset Status Index' formulation (to support grid investments and maintenance solutions), as well as the Multicriteria/Cost-Benefit Analisys to evaluate the importance of investments, considered in REN's Development and Investment plans.

This award, which was voted by industry experts including representatives from TSO's from all over the world, featured 70 presentations and more than 100 participants from around 40 countries. This distinction acknowledged the contribution of the methodologies developed by REN for a more efficient planning and management of the National Electricity Transmission Network.


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