07 July 2022

REN's suppliers maturity study on sustainability matters reveals reveals level of knowledge and awareness in ESG issues

REN conducted a survey of qualified suppliers in order to assess the degree of maturity in ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) issues. The objective of this analysis, which was supported in a questionnaire, was to evaluate the maturity stage of REN suppliers, while aiming at raising awareness and alignment of strategies on sustainable practices among all actors in the supply chain.

The questionnaire was structured in three main pillars: 1) commitment and dissemination of sustainability policies/indicators, 2) Actions and specific initiatives in the field of environment, energy and emissions and 3) Implementation of sustainable procurement strategies and consisted of 21 questions. According to the result obtained, the companies were classified into three groups: basic, medium and good.

In this initiative, REN obtained a response rate of 87%, which reveals the commitment of transparency of the market in the sharing of information with the company. From the consolidated analysis to the results, it is possible to observe that about 90% of suppliers have a basic degree of maturity, concluding that there is still a need for progress and improvement of these companies, which REN is committed to supporting. The objectives reported by the company, under Capital Markets Day, in May 2021, to reduce emissions, reinforce the importance of this work, with a view to motivating the market in the definition of strategic plans to reduce emissions and in the implementation of actions and initiatives with impact on the progressive decarbonization of its operations.

The contribution to a more sustainable world is currently one of the biggest challenges facing companies. REN, aware of the relevance of the role of organizations in creating initiatives that combat climate change and assist the process of decarbonization of the economy, has committed itself to the implementation of a sustainability strategy aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which implies that all its activities are based on sustainability principles.

Awareness of the important role that the company plays as an Energy Transmission System Operator (TSO), within the energy transition to a more sustainable and carbon-free world, was also established in the open letter 'The Greenest Choice', signed in 2020. In this document, REN and seven other European TSOs jointly committed to making even more sustainable choices and greener purchases.


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