02 March 2016

Submissions for the 2016 REN Prize are now open

The REN Prize is awarded to the best master's theses in the energy field, produced in Portuguese establishments of higher education across the different branches of engineering, as well as in economics, mathematics, physics, chemistry, information systems and computer science.

Students who completed and passed their master's theses during the 2013-14 and 2014-16 academic years can submit their work by 8 April 2016 and compete for €12,500 first prize, €6,500 second prize and €3,500 third prize.

The REN Prize was created in 1995, making it the oldest prize of its kind in Portugal. It has evolved to incorporate the developments and transformations that the energy sector has experienced over the years. It began as an award for the best students of electrical systems and networks, then it expanded to include natural gas systems and more recently to include entries from a wider range of areas. It has retained its common purpose: to contribute to the development of the energy sector in Portugal and increase interaction between higher education institutions and technological development in companies.


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